Barefoot Workshops

Custom Designed Workshops

We work with you to create a bespoke Art and Nature based workshop to invigorate and strengthen your team.

Creative Team Building

Set your business up for success. Empower your team with creative activities which reduce stress, build team cohesion and add value to all who attend.

Barefoot Workshops help your team understand themselves, open up to their unique creativity and work better in teams

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Enhance your team’s well-being, creativity and productivity with a Barefoot Art Therapy Workshop. Our workshops are designed to reduce stress, foster better brain activity, and improve morale. By providing an immersive creative experience, we will help build team connectivity and improve how team members process and perceive change. Find out how we can help you incorporate art into your team building activities. Art workshops can be integrated with team building exercises, outdoor nature activities and team value exploration and creation.

Contact us to talk through your ideas. We can tailor a workshop around a recent issue such as a leadership change or transition, a specific target or simply a celebration of the incredible team you work with!