Simon is a diploma trained holistic counsellor who helps you, see and feel your own way forward and develop the resilience to stand on your own two feet.

Life Coach

Life Coaching helps you clarify your goals, understand the obstacles in your path and find strategies to navigate around them. Simon encourages and gently supports you to discover and live your passions.

Art Therapy

Simon is a gifted guide in helping you connect to the artist and creative within. Providing a safe space to explore your gifts, strengths and challenges.


Teaching is an educational partnership. Simon has a raft of experience in public, private, Montessori and alternative education including homeschooling and corrective services. He helps students connect to their passion and joy for learning and find their own unique pathway in learning and engaging with the world.


The ancient healing art of Reflexology helps to nourish and support the whole body, relax the mind and rejuvenate the spirit. I offer reflexology at my home in Leda.

A session starts with a soothing foot wash whilst we talk about the reason for the session, followed by a full reflexology treatment, including Reiki. There is a symbiotic relationship between the physical nature of reflexology and counselling.

Often our feet have a lot to say!


Working with the breath, meditation simple yoga exercises and sound therapy, Simon helps you to return to your centre, calm your mind and deeply relax.